May 30, 2023

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Convert A PDF to MS Word: How To Make PDF Editable

A PDF is a type of file that is created for viewing on the internet or printing out at home. Unlike an MS Word document, a PDF will not change the formatting of your text when you try to edit it from a computer screen. However, if you need to convert your PDF to an MS Word document so that you can edit it, this article will teach you how.

Convert Your PDF To MS Word

1) Download the plugin for Adobe to your computer. The plugin should be in the form of a file with an .air extension.

2) Click and drag the PDF file into the Adobe AIR window.

3) Enter your email address in order to receive a confirmation message with your password, which you will need to log back in upon installation.

4) Wait while Adobe automatically converts it to an MS Word document and saves it as a new file on your computer.

Get A PDF Reader

A PDF reader is a type of software that can be used to read, search for, and edit the content of a PDF. Adobe Acrobat or Foxit are two popular PDF readers. To convert a PDF to an MS Word document, you will need one of these PDF readers. This is how to make pdf editable.

Covert your PDF file to a Word file and make edits with ease. If you have a document that was created in another program, you can’t edit it as a PDF, but if you convert it to a Word file first then open the new file in the Word program, you can do all of the editing you want. This is an easy way to edit your PDFs and not have to worry about formatting issues.

Download the Converter Software

You’ll need a free PDF converter to convert the file. Check out your computer’s default downloads for an app that can do this, like Preview, or download Jezzball for Mac 10.6+.

PDFs are great for viewing on the internet or printing out at home, but if you need to edit it from your computer screen, it will be formatted incorrectly. Fortunately, you can convert a PDF to an MS Word document with just two simple steps!

  • Step One: Download CutePDF Writer

CutePDF Writer is a free program that will allow you to convert your PDF file into an editable Word document. Just download the program and install it on your computer using the installation wizard.

  • Step Two: Convert Your PDF File

To convert your PDF file, open CutePDF Writer and click File>New from within the application. Then choose where you would like to save the new document (in this case we’re going to save it as “new_document_name.docx”).

Next, select the document type (we recommend saving as a Word file) and choose where you would like the new Word file saved. When all this is done, simply go back to your original PDF file and open in CutePDF Writer by dragging it onto the CutePDF window. Click “Start Conversion” and then simply wait a few seconds while CutePDF Converter does its thing!